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How do you manage the ups and downs of the stock market?

The Importance of Diversifying Among Different Asset Classes

The most widely accepted way to minimize the risk of investing is through diversification-spreading money over a variety of investments.  Alone, individual asset classes could be more volatile, but as part of a mix, they can give you potentially higher returns.  Asset allocation simply seeks to pinpoint the most efficient way to diversify. 

The objective of asset allocation is to create an optimal portfolio for any given level of risk.  Each asset class – stocks, bonds, cash, etc., has its own level of risk and return. 

The Value of an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

An IPS outlines the investment management philosophy for your portfolio and serves as the foundation for each investment decision. The IPS sets out your investment objectives, risk tolerance and unique circumstances. Its purpose is twofold. First, it recommends a prudent investment strategy based on your stated goals.  Second, it summarizes your personal situation in financial terms. The value of the investment policy statement is that it allows you to verify that I have clearly understood your needs before implementing your investment program. It also allows you to monitor progress towards achieving your financial goals. It is a dynamic document that is subject to regular review and change as new or different information comes to light.

Stocks vs Bonds

It’s helpful to understand how interest rates fluctuate and the resulting effect on different types of investments. As the economy grows, interest rates rise along with corporate profits and, thus, stock prices. Eventually, the economy reaches a peak at which time it begins to shrink. Often, this shrinkage reaches a level where it is called a recession. To counter the effects of the recession, the Bank of Canada lowers interest rates to increase the availability of credit and the flow of money. One of the best areas in which to invest during periods of declining interest rates is the bond market. As interest rates decline, bond prices rise, and conversely, as interest rates rise, bond prices fall. Essentially, when interest rates are declining, investors are willing to pay more for bonds issued earlier with higher coupon rates. So, by investing in the bond market, you will achieve capital gains as interest rates decline resulting in higher priced bonds. 

With interest rates at low levels, you must also look at the yield on interest-bearing investments which is usually unattractive when compared to the yield on stocks.  For example, if you purchase a stock at $40 with an annual dividend of $2.50, then you are purchasing a dividend-yield of 6 1/4%.  In most cases, the stock will be protected from any major downward price movement because of the yield.  As long as the dividend remains consistent, the stock will become more and more attractive as a yield play for investors as the price decreases.  At a given price level, any downward movement will be thwarted as buying pressure will occur from investors seeking the yield.  In addition, with the stock at a low price, there are significant opportunities for enhanced return through capital gains as corporate profits rise. 

Equities have a history of providing positive returns over the long term, but in the short term, it’s nice to have investments in your portfolio that can generate steady income — even if the market is not rising. Bonds are often relied upon for tried-and-true income generation, but dividend-paying stocks offer compelling advantages of their own. For one thing, equities that pay dividends allow you to participate in the growth of the market with potentially less risk. The prices of dividend-paying stocks are usually supported by their own quarterly dividends. When the price of a dividend-paying equity falls, its dividend yield rises, which tends to attract buying interest from income-seeking investors. Indeed, this phenomenon helped some dividend-paying shares outperform their non-dividend-paying counterparts over the past year.


What a professional wealth advisor/portfolio manager does

We are dedicated to making your experience with us as rewarding as it can be. We have learned that clients both want and need to know what that experience is all about – so here is an outline of the services that you can expect front us.

To take care of your financial well being, we will take the time required to fully understand your needs and objectives. 

Financial Planning Overview:

» Help you determine where you are at present and in the future

» Help you organize your financial situation

» Help you determine realistic goals

» Provide creative alternatives that you may have not considered

» Assist in reviewing and recommending  insurance strategies to protect against disability, illness and death

» Assist in preparing and implementing an estate plan

» Present and implement specific recommendations through a personal financial plan

Investment Planning Overview:

» We can  provide you with a  written personal portfolio analysis complete with risk and return evaluation

» We can prepare an asset allocation model to help achieve the best rate of return with attention towards your risk tolerance

» Stay up-to-date on changes and opportunities in the investment world

» Provide due diligence on current and recommended securities to help ensure the selections are suitable for your needs and goals 

» Endeavour to provide unbiased research and recommendations  from all sources including third-party analysts, when available

» Provide you with technical, fundamental and quantitative stock analysis where available

» Review and rebalance your portfolio as market and economic conditions change

» Guide you through difficult periods in the markets by sharing historical perspective and experience.

» Provide a plan to convert your savings into lifetime income at retirement

Tax Strategies:

» Work with your tax-professional in order to provide tax-savings strategies to meet your goals

» Recommend tax-efficient securities, maximize RRSP contributions and utilize the Tax-Free Savings Accounts

Personal Services:

» Proactively we will keep in touch with you as required by market changes and opportunities

» We are only a telephone call away to answer any of your questions

» We can provide referrals to other professionals such as accountants, attorneys, trust and estate officers, banking, mortgages and loans

» We will listen and provide feedback in a way that a magazine, television show or internet  cannot.

» We will help educate your children and grandchildren about savings, investments and financial concepts.

» We provide seminars to discuss significant and new concepts

» We can be your “sounding-board” for ideas you are considering

» We will help  keep you on track by identifying shortfalls, monitoring implemented strategies.

» We will be  honest with you.  


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The portfolio

“Here’s What We’re Thinking”

The Investment Committee of the Portfolio Advisory Group meets regularly to formally discuss markets, sector allocation and investment recommendations.  Our publication is a brief synopsis of our current views.  For specific investment strategy relating to your portfolio, please call us.


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Banking services

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“Norm’s Recommendations”

My favourite food: Pizza! All pizza is unique however not many pizzerias are equal.  New in Winnipeg and rated AAA+ (by Norm) and you gotta try the nifty draught beer  (check it out and see).

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Fergies Fish & Chips, Forks Market, Winnipeg:  Absolute best in town.  It’s my Saturday treat:  Hearty Hallibut Meal (enough for two).



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