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The portfolio

While working with our clients to develop a strategy for managing their finances, we complete an Investment Policy
Statement – that forms a framework for maintaining discipline in all future investment decisions. It outlines the
recommended and agreed upon range and types of investments to be made and maintained.

When clients first come to us, they are often not sure if their assets are properly positioned.
We’ll perform a thorough analysis of their portfolio, examining the existing asset allocation and individual security
selections, in order to determine if their portfolio will meet their investment objectives.

We will prepare a “big picture” view of the consolidated portfolio: how much is invested in each class of assets, what
the overall risk is of this total, and what income can be expected from these investments. We then make
recommendations for change if necessary, to reduce risk, increase returns through changes in investments that are
expected to under-perform or are inappropriate, or if investments can be structured to lower overall taxes.

Once transfers have occurred and investments made, we provide ongoing and regular monitoring and review of your
investments, and frequent communication to educate you about market developments, to be accountable on how your
investments are performing, and to adjust to changes in the markets and ongoing changes in your family’s circumstances.

Changes are recommended only where appropriate. We thoroughly explain all the features of each investment
recommended, including possible economic and market forces that may affect performance.

Building a diversified portfolio
Our  goal is to provide you  the best  investment products and services to help attain your financial objectives. Based on
your needs and goals, we will discuss a suite of investment  offerings that is second to none,  including: stocks/equities/
ETF, bonds/fixed income, /mutual funds, managed portfolios and more.

The historical strength of equities has made them an integral part of many investment strategies, especially for clients
looking for long-term growth. We can recommend quality stocks that will help you reach your financial goals and
specificaly match your risk/reward tolerance.  Dividend paying stocks and preferred shares offer tax-advantages for
satisfying income requirements.

Bonds/Fixed income
With the availability of convertible, corporate, government bonds and guaranteed investment certificates  we are able
recommend those issues that suit your specific objectives. Incorporating these products into your portfolio can provide
you with an income stream, while at the same time helping to maintain your capital.

Mutual funds
Professional money management and portfolio diversification are just two of the many potential benefits that you can
obtain by investing in suitable mutual funds. With access to our mutual fund specialists, and a wide range of funds to
choose from, we can add the funds that will optimize your portfolio’s potential.

Managed products
Asset Management Services offers you personalized fee-based investment solutions. Together, we can consider your
investment objectives, tolerance for risk, and other criteria before deciding on the program that’s best suited for you.


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